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Облачный Project Server

Hosting of Microsoft Project Server powered by Bastion Solutions

Full-featured Microsoft Project Server hosted in the cloud. Ready to operate PPM system. The offering includes Bastion Project Versions and Bastion Forms.

Bastion Forms for Microsoft Project Server

Totally customizable framework for embedding powerful lists and forms into Project Web App. Bastion Forms allows you to embed custom tabular data into Project Detail Pages (PDP) and other PWA sections. For example, you can add financial data, contracts, procurements, payments plan, communications plans or any other project-related data. No programming required to create custom database and embed its views into PWA. Bastion Forms updates SQL schema automatically.

Bastion FS for Microsoft Project Server

Bastion FS helps you to collect systematical project updates from the team members via email on scheduled basis. Bastion FS sends status requests to team members via email. Then it parses replies, retrieves data and updates project schedule. Using the tool management can get project updates with minimal effort. Bastion FS can automatically process any number of projects or resources.

Bastion OrgSync for Microsoft Project Server

Расширенная синхронизация пула ресурсов с внешними системами и службами. Обновление любых настраиваемых полей ресурсов, справочников и СДРес. Поддерживается импорт из Active Directory, профилей пользователей SharePoint и обменных файлов.

Bastion Project Composer for MS Project Server

Bastion Project Composer for Microsoft Project Server is an extension for Project Web App. It provides collaborative project planning process simultaneously by multiple users. Project Composer allows you to delegate the parts of your project plan to the experts for detailed planing. Then you get back the block of detailed tasks and insert it into your original project plan.

Bastion Project Versions for Microsoft Project Server

Adds schedule versioning to Microsoft Project Server.You can configure versioning engine to automatically create a new version of the a project every time when specified events occur.Versions are saved automatically in background. No user action required.Organization is able to capture and accumulate a knowledge base for any project activities.

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