Bastion Forms for Microsoft Project Server

Totally customizable framework for embedding powerful lists and forms into Project Web App

  • Seamlessly embedded into Project Web App
  • Provides financial management capabilities
  • Synchronised to project schedule data
  • Timephased values and distribution profiles support
  • SQL reporting services and OData support

Bastion Forms allows you to embed custom tabular data into Project Detail Pages (PDP) and other PWA pages. For example, you can add financial data, contracts, procurements, payments plan, communications plans or any other project-related data. No programming required to create custom database and embed its views into PWA. Bastion Forms updates SQL schema automatically.

  Enhanced project financial management

Bastion Forms allows organization to build complex project costs and benefits model.
Baseline budgets are supported. Bastion forms allows to provide role-bases control access to financial information. The tool supports accounting cost and benefit structures, cost centres and time-phases cost distribution profiles.

  Interlinked lists and Lookups

Bastion Forms supports interlinked lists and lookups. You can create one-to-many relationship between multiple lists. You can configure reference from one list item to another list. You can also link your data with Project Server lookup tables, resources, users and security groups.

  Links to project schedule data

Bastion Forms lists supports references to project tasks or milestones. For example, a contract finish date can be synced to relevant milestone date in a projects schedule.

  Time-phased values support

Using Bastion Forms you can easily create lists and datasheets for time-phased values. For example, you can manage project financial data distributed by years, quarters, months or days. Bastion Forms supports multiple cost distribution profiles.

  Reporting and OData support

Bastion Forms creates SQL reporting views to easily create analytical reporting. The framework provides OData feeds for any custom list. You can retrieve data from your custom lists via OData feed just like you retrieve any Project data.

  Totally customizable

Bastion Forms allows to create a custom database for your data using settings only, without needs of programming. The framework provides powerful administration interface. It is flexible and extensible. You can configure relational data model, views and visual styles. Bastion Forms uses out-of-the-box visual components and provides the same user experience as Project Web App.

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