Bastion FS for Microsoft Project Server

Collects systematical project updates from the team members via email on scheduled basis

  • No need to logon to Project Server
  • Minimum effort required to provide report
  • Getting updates from external contractors easily
  • Configurable report forms and schedule

Bastion FS systematically collects task updates via email from the team members. Using the tool management can get project updates with minimal effort. Bastion FS can automatically process any number of projects or resources.

  Systematic task updates via email

Bastion FS sends status requests to team members via email. Then it parses replies, retrieves data and updates project schedule.

  Minimum effort required

To report task status a team member fills actuals into received email and send it back. No attached files required. Team member can use any email client software.

  Status updates from external contractors

Your company is not required to provide access into your on-premises Project Server implementation. The contractors are able to report their task updates by email only. There is no need to train employees or contractors. A request letter contains a brief explanation of how to fill out a report form.

  Configurable report form

You can configure format of status form and a list of task fields as you want. You can create multiple status forms, custom form for a specific project or resource group. SQL Server Report Builder is used to create status report form.

  Flexible report schedule

You can configure schedule for sending status requests. Bastion FS supports multiple schedules for different types of projects, tasks or milestones. For example, you can specify that you require to get updates from your team members every Monday. Additionally you want status of overdue tasks on daily basis. With Bastion FS you can configure any reporting scenarios you want.

  Any email software

Bastion FS supports any email client software. E.g. Apple Mail or Gmail. But using Microsoft Outlook you get dropdown calendars.

  User errors handling

Bastion FS uses smart parsing engine. It understands dates or numbers in different formats. In the case of invalid data the system return the email highlighting the errors.


Bastion FS logs any user or system activity. It logs all outgoing and incoming email.

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