Data Interchange Center for Microsoft Project Server

Bastion Data Exchange Center allows you to configure Microsoft Project Server integration with other enterprise software. Data synchronisation is performed automatically. There is the need for any user activity. Data Exchange Center provides server-to-server type of integration. There is no need to run any desktop software. The solution is built on Bastion Forms technology and can be adapted for various Project Server integration scenarios. Bastion Data Exchange Center supports different format of integration: exchange files, common SQL database tables, web services or integration bus.

  Configurable field mapping

The administration interface allows you to define the mapping between the fields of data objects transferred between Project Server and external system. You can setup the direction of data transfer and mark each field as master or slave.

  Scheduled or manual data interchange

You can configure a schedule for automatic data synchronisation between Project Server and other software. You can also start the synchronization manually.

  Data synchronisation process logging

Every important event during the data exchange process are logged. Later you can view the history log of data synchronisation and errors if any.

  Debugging the synchronisation process

Detailed logging of synchronisation events allows you to identify erroneous situations and troubleshoot the integration solution.

  Synchronisation of standard and custom data

The tool supports data interchange for both standard Project Server data and custom data implemented with Bastion Forms (contracts, financial plans, communication plans etc).

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