Bastion OrgSync for Microsoft Project Server

Enhanced Project Server resource pool synchronization

  • Updates resource custom fields
  • Updates RBS and lookup tables
  • Multiple data sources supported

Bastion OrgSync for Microsoft Project Server extends standard Resource Pool Synchronization. OrgSync allows you to integrate Project Server resource pool with HR or ERP. OrgSync automatically updates any custom resources fields, lookup tables and organizational structure (RBS) with information from configured data sources.

Project Server out-of-box resource pool synchronizing does not allow to update custom resource custom fields. The set of fields that is updated by out-of-box synchronization are name, windows account, e-mail address, and active flag. Out-of-box synchronization also does not support updating the organizational structure (RBS) and lookup tables.

 Configuring the data source and the synchronization method for each resource field

Bastion OrgSync enhanced synchronization runs each time after the out-of-box synchronization of the resource pool is completed. Bastion OrgSync allows you to specify the data source (web-service or file) and setup field update logic individually for each custom field of the resource.

 Multiple source support for resources data

Bastion OrgSync allows you to extract data about employees and organisational structure from multiple software tools and combine retrieved  data into a single resource in Project Server enterprise resource pool.

In different companies a human resource data can be maintained in different software tools in various ways. For example, user accounts are in Active Directory, specialisations and competencies of employees are in SAP HR, organisational hierarchy is in other accounting softwares, phones number are in Sharepoint User profiles. Bastion OrgSync can automatically import and gather data from all these software into the Project Server resource pool.

To update resource fields and lookup tables OrgSync uses the following data sources:

  • Active Directory Service
  • SharePoint User Profile Service
  • Files in CSV format
  • Other configurable formats (may require programming)

 Support for various ways of maintaining the organization hierarchy in Active Directory

Companies can maintain organisational structure in the Active Directory in several different ways. Bastion OrgSync supports all the most common ways of maintain organisational structure in the Active Directory.

  • The sequence of fields – the names of divisions of different levels are stored in the corresponding properties of objects of the User type in Active Directory. Each level is a separate property. Bastion FS allows you to define the names of the properties in which the data is stored in hierarchy levels.
  • Organisational Unit – the hierarchical structure of the company is maintained through the hierarchy of Organisational Units.
  • According to the department of the manager – the hierarchical structure of the company is maintained by setting the manager and department properties of objects of the User type in Active Directory.
  • By security groups – the company’s hierarchical structure is maintained by group names in Active Directory.

 Project Server lookup tables synchronising

Bastion OrgSync allows you to automatically update Project Server lookup tables with data from another software or databases. For example, you can synchronise “Competency” lookup table with the corresponding table of the ERP tool. Synchronization of both flat and hierarchical lookups are supported. OrgSync is able to use the following sources for lookup data sync:

  • Active Directory Service
  • SharePoint User Profile Service
  • CSV format files

 Configurable update strategy for each resource field

For each custom resource custom field, you can select which objects to update:

  • Update all – update resource fields and lookup tables
  • Only lookup tables – only the data of the lookup tables is updated
  • Resource only – only resources are updated

Bastion OrgSync allows you to determine whether unused items in lookup tables will be deleted.

 Updating resource fields from exchange files

Updating Project Server resource fields with data from other software tools can be performed via exchange files. Integration based on exchange files is supported by most enterprise software. For example, SAP, Oracle OEBS and others.

Bastion OrgSync allows you to select the exchange file in CSV format as datasource. The tool allows you to specify the location of the source file:

  • Local or network folder
  • SharePoint Document Library

OrgSync allows you to specify the delimiter used to separate fields in the exchange file.

 Updating resource fields from SharePoint User Profiles

Bastion OrgSync allows you to select the User Profile Service Application (SharePoint) as the data source for resource custom field. For each Project Server resource custom field you can select the appropriate source field from the SharePoint User Profile.


Bastion OrgSync is extensible tool. Additional sources of resource data could be implemented:

  • Web service
  • Queries to databases
  • Exchange files in proprietary formats
  • Other specific data sources

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