Bastion Workflow for Microsoft Project Server

A framework to easily create workflows for initiating and approving the projects

  • Ready to user project approval scenarios
  • Configurable stage-pass conditions
  • Project role matrix support
  • Customisations without code
  • Easy to deploy and migrate

Bastion Workflow for Microsoft Project Server allows you to create sophisticated project workflows for the initiation and approval of a project.

  Compatibility with standard Project Server workflows

The Bastion Workflow framework integrates into Project Server and works in the context of standard Project Workflow. The framework use is own robust workflow engine does not require Microsoft Workflow Manager to create and run workflows.

  Configuring workflows without programming

The workflow can be configured using administration UI only. There is no need to write a code. The exception is SQL-queries.

  Predefined project approval scenarios

You can use a set of preconfigured project approval scenarios. You can choose the logic of collegiate or individual approval.

  Predefined approval forms

Bastion Workflow framework  automatically create forms in which participants of project approval process provide their decisions and comments.

  Robust. Easy to deploy and migrate

You can easily import or export your workflow configurations between Project Server farms or instances. Workflows do not depend on Microsoft Workflow Manager service.

  Flexible project stage-pass conditions

Bastion Workflow framework allows you to configure complex conditions for the permissibility of project translation to the next stage of the life cycle. For example, the presence of specified values ​​of fields or documents can work as stage-pass conditions. It is possible to specify formula expressions in the SQL language as a workflow stage-pass condition.

  Project role matrix

Users participating in workflows are automatically selected based on the project fields. For each role involved in the workflow process, you can specify a set of available actions within a particular stage of the project.

  Настраиваемые уведомления

Решение Bastion Workflow интегрируется с Bastion FS. Это позволяет настраивать шаблоны писем-уведомлений, которые будут получать участники рабочего процесса.

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