Bastion Project Versions

for Microsoft Project Server

Adds schedule versioning to Microsoft Project Server
Project changes are under control now


The whole project history is available


  • Capture lesson learned

    Bastion Project Versions allows you to analyze the whole project retrospective. This helps organization to capture lesson learned and measure project management effectiveness.

  • Analyze trends of key project parameters

    You can track and analyze key project parameters and view its trends. For example, you can determine how accurate was the initial budget estimate and how the budget has been changed over the project lifecycle.


Compare project versions


  • Identify what has been changed in your schedule and why

    You can compare any two versions of the project and quickly identify  all differences between the versions. The compare view shows you who made the changes and what has been changed. For example, you can identify added, removed or changed tasks in your schedule.

  • The whole plan history is available for analysis

    Unlike the baseline Bastion Project Version stores completely all task fields including custom fields, assignments, timephased values and even deleted tasks.


Automatic capturing of any project changes

  • Tracking and storing any schedule changes automatically

    You can configure Project Versions to track and store new version any time when project saved. Or you can configure the tool to create new version when project published.

  • Unlimited number of project versions

    Any time the plan changes a new version is automatically created. You can use version historical data for subsequent analysis. Unlike the baselines (which are only 11) the maximum number of project versions is limited only by your database storage.


Recovering project from any stored version

  • Undo any project changes whenever you want

    You can restore a project plan from any available version. The project will be fully recovered from the selected version.

  • Managing project versions

    You can view or remove any saved versions. You can create new project version (schedule snapshot) manually whenever you want. You can add comments for any created project version/snapshot. For example you can mark the project snapshot “Changed due to steering committee decision”.


Flexible settings for project snapshot creation

  • Configurable version creation rules

    You can configure Bastion Project Versions to automatically create a new version of the project each time the specified event occurs. For example, each time anybody saves a project, a new version with an minor number is created. For each project publication, a version with the major number is created.

  • Project workflow and stage-gate process

    The tool can record for you a status of a project at the decision points, or when a project moves to the next workflow stage. You can track project changes throughout the lifecycle of the project, including the initiation phase.



Versions are saved automatically in background. No user action required.

Flexible settings

You can configure versioning engine to automatically create a new version of the a project every time when specified events occur.

Available for Project Server hosted in the cloud

The tool is available for on-premises Project Server and for hosted Project Server


Project Versions equipped with reports and views to analyze project historical information.

Project history

Organization is able to capture and accumulate a knowledge base for any project activities.

Historical data protection

Project versions data is stored in a database and protected from unauthorized access.


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