Bastion Project Composer for Microsoft Project Server

Collaborative top-down project planning in Project Server

  • Simultaneous multi-user editing of the project
  • Top-down limitation tracking of work or budget
  • Bottom-up estimation
  • Managing of planning process
  • No need for master-projects

Bastion Project Composer for Microsoft Project Server is an extension for Project Web App. It provides collaborative project planning process simultaneously by multiple users. Project Composer allows you to delegate the parts of your project plan to the experts for detailed planing. Then you get back the block of detailed tasks and insert it into your original project plan.

Project top-down planning

Bastion Project Composer allows you to delegate the planning of summary tasks to experts or resources, and then consistently include detailed tasks into the source project plan.

Bottom-up estimation

Bastion Project Composer allows you to perform sequential decomposition and planning of project activities using the “top-down” method with the control of defined time and budget limits. Using the tool you can get time and budget estimates from your resources. You can setup cost and time limitations for specific tasks or phases of your project. Project Composer tracks those limitations during collaborative project planning process.

Rolling Wave planning support

Project Composer allows you to create a detailed plan only for the upcoming phase, leaving subsequent phases for future planning.

  Delegate task for detailed planning

As PM you can delegate the parts of your project plan to the experts for detailed planning. Then you insert detailed tasks into your project plan.

  Setting up Time Bank for a task

When delegating a task for planning, you can specify whether it is allowed to exceed the work limits and budget of the task.  You can setup Time Bank limitations for the planned tasks or WBS branches of your project. But if you need bottom-up estimate from you resources you can turn off  limitation.

  Selecting resources for a task by specialty and availability

When choosing a resource for a task, you can use Project Composer to filter resources by specialty required to perform the task. Project Composer displays employees who meet the requirements for specialisation and availability.


All important events in the collaborative planning process are repeated by e-mail notifications. Users receive email notification on task delegated for planning. A project manager receives notifications that an expert has completed the task planning process.

  Project Composer interface in Project Web App

The employee who has been delegated the task for planning can view the all the tasks in the “Delegated for Planning” section in Project Web App. In this section she can select a task and perform planning it.

  Detailed tasks approval

A PM can manage the process of collaborate project planning. She can review the resulting detailed plans, approve it, reject it or send it back for revision.

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